Thursday 18 August 2022

VOC Analysers for certification.

Signal Group has submitted both portable and fixed VOC analysers for MCERTS certification.

The 3010 MINIFID rugged, portable, heated FID VOC analyser has been designed to demonstrate compliance by hydrocarbon emissions measurements from multiple stacks or sites. The S4 SOLAR heated FID VOC analyser is a rack-mounted instrument for continuous monitoring, offering the accuracy and reliability that Signal customers expect, but with the additional benefits of a detachable tablet and software for RS232 or Ethernet connectivity.

The company’s stand (D11) at AQE 2022 will feature both instruments. Visitors will also be able to see the new S4 SOLAR XPLORE portable heated FID, and anyone with an interest in QAL2 audits will be able to see the 821s Gas Divider and the NOXGEN NOx converter efficiency tester. They will see first-hand, how an innovative detachable tablet makes emissions monitoring easier and safer – putting data where it matters… in the customer's hands!

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