Friday 12 August 2022

IIoT gateways.

Remote industrial sites need to be monitored in real time using data from multiple sensors that measure parameters such as temperature, fluid levels, and gas concentrations. This data is then transferred to a cloud platform via IIoT gateways for monitoring. Because of the mission-critical role gateways play in the process, operators need to choose rugged models that ensure continuous connectivity from the edge to the cloud, and ones able to be remotely upgraded and managed for minimal system downtime.

Moxa AIG-300 Series IIoT gateways, with robust hardware design and rich software functions, are ideal for use in distributed and unmanned sites in harsh operating environments where they help in reducing unplanned downtime. The gateways come equipped with the powerful Arm® Cortex-A7 dual-core 1 GHz processor featuring 2GB DRAM, along with the flexibility of one CAN 2.0 port, four Digital Inputs, four Digital Outputs, two RJ45 Ethernet ports, two serial ports, and a USB 2.0 port, along with connectors for Wi-Fi, LTE Cellular and GPS.

Most IIoT gateways are installed in remote, unmanned sites where they are subjected to harsh environmental conditions and exposed to potentially flammable liquids and vapors. That is why Moxa AIG-300 Series IIoT gateways are housed in a rugged metal DIN-rail case that is IP30 rated and able to withstand operating temperatures from -20° to 70° C (-4° to 158° F). Upmost reliability is further ensured through the gateway's resistance to damaging shock, vibration, humidity, and EMC. The gateways are Class I Division 2 and ATEX certified for deployment in hazardous locations, such as remote oil and gas fields, petrochemical processing plants, and wastewater treatment centers.

Moxa ThingsPro Edge and Azure IoT Edge software comes preloaded on AIG-300 Series IIoT gateways, enabling reliable, yet secure sensor-to-cloud connectivity for data acquisition and device management using the Microsoft Azure Cloud solution. Since it is critical that IIoT gateways do not disconnect while a remote upgrade or patch application is in progress, AIG-300 Series IIoT gateways feature a robust software OTA function. During an unexpected disconnection, ThingsPro Edge will automatically switch between the transmission interfaces, Wi-Fi, LTE, and Ethernet, to ensure uninterrupted data transmission.

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