Thursday 25 August 2022

75 years monitoring and analysing ndustrial temperature measurements.

75 years of producing innovative systems and solutions for industries including metals, glass, hydrocarbon processing and power generation is being celebrated by AMETEK Land .

First Pyrometer SP & Cambridge Indicator

Founded in 1947 by Tom Land, AMETEK Land now employs around 150 people worldwide, supporting customers with industrial temperature measurement, combustion efficiency and emissions monitoring.

The company has seen many notable milestones in its history; Land launched its first surface pyrometer in 1958, followed by its first non-contact infrared pyrometer along with a blackbody calibration source in 1965. This was a game-changer in safety and accuracy, allowing for faster and more efficient temperature readings in industrial operations.

Looking to the future, AMETEK Land is continuing its innovation and technological advancements, to enable its customers to meet the highest standards of plant safety, process control and product quality.

David Primhak, Director of Sales and Product Management at AMETEK Land commented: “As a company, we are incredibly proud of our contribution to industrial manufacturing. We have a magnificent team leading the way in product development and advanced technologies, developing new solutions and updating existing systems to help improve safety, increase yields, and reduce carbon footprints.

“Decarbonisation is top of the agenda for us all, and we’re working closely with our customer base to understand their needs and help them achieve their decarbonisation goals as the world becomes greener.”

AMETEK Land offers a range of products used by industrial manufacturers worldwide, including the SPOT range of non-contact pyrometers, the NIR-B thermal imaging borescopes, as well as supporting software including the latest IMAGEPro.

This is backed by a team of experts including physicists, research and development professionals, and production teams, all of which contribute to the success of the business.

Land became part of AMETEK, Inc. within the Process & Analytical Instruments Division in 2006. This business alliance means that Land benefits from being part of a corporation with global supply chains and business functions.

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