Friday, 29 May 2020

Largest force sensor.

Kistler's Type 9397C 3-component force sensor, with a measuring range of up to 450kN in the Z axis and 100kN in the X and Y axes, offers a unique measuring capacity. This, the largest sensor of its type in the world, is the ideal choice for large-scale measurement tasks such as capturing impact forces in crash tests. The Swiss pioneer of piezoelectric measurement technology specializes in ready-to-use custom solutions that can also cope with extremely high measurement ranges.

Kistler piezoelectric 3-component force sensors are used to measure dynamic and quasistatic tensile and compression forces, especially where small variations need to be detected. Being very rigid, the high natural frequencies makes the measurement of the smallest dynamic changes to very large forces in all three directions with high precision and excellent reliability. The sensors are fully calibrated and pre- loaded on delivery and can be installed straight from the box.

The unique Type 9397C 3-component force sensor from Kistler simplifies high impact and vibration testing in a wide variety of applications including Aircraft Landing Gear, High Speed Train Crash Walls and Spacecraft Payload.
Landing gear

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