Friday, 1 May 2020

Flash memory for mission critical applications.

Cypress Semper NOR flash memory products are now available from RS in the EMEA and Asia Pacific regions.

RS Components (RS) is now offering Cypress Semiconductor’s award-winning Semper NOR flash memory products. This is now in production and is designed to support automotive, communication, and industrial applications. Semper achieves the ISO 26262 automotive functional safety standard for electronics in vehicles, and is compliant with IEC 61508 for industrial applications. Semper is the industry's first NOR flash memory to be Automotive Safety Integrity Level ASIL-B compliant and ASIL-D ready.

Next-generation 5G wireless communications, offering more than 20 times the bandwidth of current networks, will enable new “always connected” applications in industrial IoT, connected and autonomous vehicles, and portable medical devices. To deliver high reliability, bandwidth and functionality, the SoCs and FPGAs powering 5G radios and base stations will require increasingly vast amounts of configuration and boot code data to be stored and accessed quickly. Semper NOR flash addresses these needs by offering densities up to 4Gbit and JEDEC xSPI compatible interfaces, extending the bandwidth up to 400MBps.

Semper NOR flash offers densities from 256Mbit up to 4Gbit, with reliability, performance and 10-year longevity required for mission critical applications. Semper NOR devices are compatible with multiple SoCs and FPGAs.

Semper devices offer a range of low-pin-count serial interface options, including legacy SPI, DDR Quad SPI with data rates up to 102MBps, and JEDEC xSPI compatible HyperBus and Octal interfaces with up to 400MBps data rates. Using XIP (eXecute In Place), programs can execute directly from flash memory, allowing high-data-rate Quad SPI transactions to exceed the performance of parallel or asynchronous NOR devices.

Cypress’s EnduraFlex architecture allows system designers to customise Semper devices to suit specific applications, defining partitions to provide high memory endurance of up to 2.5 million cycles or long data retention of up to 25 years.

Semper supports SafeBoot, to detect device initialisation failures and configuration corruption. ECC (single error correction and double error detection) is supported on the memory array, with CRC protection for both interface and data.

Semper NOR flash memories are AEC-Q100 qualified, and proven at extreme temperatures from –40°C to +125°C. Operating voltage is 3.0V or 1.8V. Packaging options include 24-contact BGA, 8-contact WSON and 16-pin SOIC.

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