Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Indicator for all.

Most process loop indicators do an adequate job in indicating a process variable in the field. But what happens when signals are from level transmitters that sit on vessels where the level is not linear with volume and the loop indicator needs to display the volume? Or what if yesterday’s installation area was a Div 2/Zone 2 location and today it’s a Div 1/Zone 0/1 location? And what happens when you need to setup 50 loop indicators with tedious push button set up or a small HART handheld screen?

If you think all of this is too complicated and costly, meet the PSD – Moore Industries PC-Programmable 4-20mA Loop Display (2-Wire). Loop powered by less than 2.3 Volts, the PSD can be installed on burdened loops. When placed in one of Moore Industries’ rugged explosion-proof enclosures, the PSD has 3600 flexible mounting, letting you mount it at any angle.

The LCD is an easy-to-read display featuring two rows of large characters and supports five characters for EGU (engineering units). A handy front push button allows the operator to view the lower and upper EGU and shows the actual current on the loop that the PSD is reading.

The PSD is simple to program and comes with free PC Programming software allowing configuration in less than a minute with excellent support for custom curves. The software allows you to build up to an 85-point linearization curve, or you can build your own curve in Microsoft Excel then quickly and easily import it into the PSD.

For critical loops an optional LMD (loop maintenance diode) is available. The LMD allows the removal of the PSD from the current loop without breaking or bringing down the loop. The PSD is not only feature- rich with an easy-to-read customizable display, it is cost effective and an excellent choice to keep on hand in your stockroom for future needs.

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