Friday, 15 May 2020

Eddy current test instruments for Austria.

Rohmann GmbH is expanding its network of global agencies by cooperating with the consulting engineers for material sciences IB Winkler based in Laakirchen (A).

Karl Winkler-Ebner
Karl Winkler-Ebner, engineer, has become the new contact person for clients in Austria, who have so far been served directly by their headquarters in Frankenthal (D).

"Rohmann GmbH develop and manufacture eddy current testing instruments and systems in Germany, and a most extensive variety of industries use these instruments and systems all over the world. We are pleased to have found in Mr Winkler‑Ebner, a sales partner with extensive experience in non‑destructive testing."

They believe that their clients in Austria will be very well served by Mr Winkler-Ebner with his knowledge of materials, his 35 years of working in NDT and Advanced NDT for plant operators in testing and damage analysis, for constructors of industrial plants, audit and inspection companies like TÜV Süd and TÜV Austria as well as with the work in his own company.

Through his experience, Mr Winkler-Ebner is able to provide the optimal comprehension of a vast range of requirements to be met by the materials testing and the conception of customized solutions. Based on his experience from his work for audit and inspection companies, he is very much aware of the high priority attached by individual business companies to quality assurance and will be able to provide the best support to our Austrian clients.

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