Tuesday 16 April 2019

Testing fabric tension.

Fabric tension testing guarantees the fabric being used on furniture frames meets the high quality needed for durability, comfort and support. Having the incorrect fabric tension can lead to fabric tearing, poor posture support, visually poor fabric quality and a corresponding loss of customer satisfaction and a decrease in sales and profit.

Different shapes, fabrics and styles of furniture meant two main problems.
1. No starting point of where to apply the force.
2. No consistent reference point to measure from.

Trent Thermal Technology needed to create an advanced universal fabric tension tester. To measure both fabric tension and fabric movement, even on different styles of furniture framework and fabrics.

DBBSMM accurate miniature s-beam load cell
They found that the DBBSMM miniature s-beam load cell from Applied Measurements,  was the ideal choice. Standing at only 35mm high, it was easily able to fit between the domed surface contact pad and the deflection load

Calibrated to UKAS traceable standards with an Intuitive4 load cell indicator, it was able to offset the pad weight and triggers, with less than 3 grams of force. Thanks to its high precision, the miniature s-beam load cell indicated the vertical force being applied within ±0.03% accuracy.

Plus, the miniature s-beam load cell acted as a pressure sensitive re-set switch for an industrial LVDT displacement transducer, which was used to monitor the deflection of the fabric under a pre-determined load.

On initial contact with the fabric, the output from the Intuitive4 load cell indicator triggered a secondary input to an AML/IE displacement transducer, which “zeroed” the movement range. As the weight found its natural resting position, the distance between the first point of contact and the final resting position was displayed (in mm) on an Intuitive4 lite process panel meter.

IP65 Air tight
Constructed from stainless steel, the AML/IE industrial displacement transducer has a dust-tight IP65 protection rating as standard, making it safe to use even in this high fibrous environment. We can also offer high temperature and fully submersible versions to IP68 rating to suit you.

Thanks to our industrial LVDT’s wide range of configuration options, the displacement transducer was able to be tailored to their exact application. Plus, its friction-free operation means it has an incredibly maintenance-free, long operating life.

Both the miniature s-beam load cell and the industrial LVDT were calibrated with Intuitive4 digital indicators to UKAS traceable standards, certifying their traceability to strict national standards.  The Intuitive4 digital indicators offer superior resolution and outstanding accuracy thanks to their 20 bit A/D converter and 10 point linearisation.  Plus, with their modular construction, you only pay for what you need, saving you money from your already tight budget.

These Intuitive4 digital indicators were housed in a PCC2 desktop enclosure for a portable, neatly styled and robust, on-site desktop monitoring setup. The PCC enclosures are available in different formats that are able to house up to 12 individual panel meters with custom enclosures available for greater quantities if your application demands it.

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