Tuesday 9 April 2019

Machine vision conference.

The 2019 Stemmer Imaging CVB Technical Summit is scheduled 22-23 May 2019 near Munich (D). The meeting is designed to provide delegates with a rich program of events involving the Common Vision Blox machine vision programming library. These will include hands-on demonstrations, technical presentations, training and application examples. There will also be invaluable opportunities to network and share experiences with the CVB user community and experts from the company.

Topics to be covered include a preview of CVB's upcoming DNC 3D tool and how rapid prototyping can be facilitated through Python support in CVB. There’s also a chance to find out how the new CVB OPC UA tool allows information to be communicated and shared in a connected factory environment. For those interested in the innovative Intel 400 Series of RealSense stereo cameras and depth modules, Stemmer Imaging has created a GenICam Transport Layer so that they can be handled in the same way as GigE Vision and USB3 Vision cameras.

Many interesting application areas will be covered from the state of modular embedded systems to the use of hyperspectral imaging to open up applications that have not previously been possible, especially in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The interactive application sessions also provide the opportunities to hear how other users have created innovative solutions using CVB and for any participant to present their own application experiences.

The event will feature a number of useful training sessions to help users to get the most out of CVB. In addition to a training course for complete beginners, there is also the opportunity to find out how to get started with 3D applications. More advanced users can find out how to use machine learning methods within CVB and how the new CVB++, CVB.NET/ CVBpy APIs can make life easier.

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