Thursday 25 April 2019

Promising enhancement for US Generators.

A very promising enhancement has been added to the product range of soniKKs® Ultrasonics Technology GmbH, this year. All ultrasonic generators are now also available with a PROFINET-Interface.

PROFINET (PROCESS FIELD NETWORK) is a modern standard, which has been developed for the automation of network-based Ethernet. The PROFINET concept is modularly constructed, meaning that user can choose functionality themselves. An easy installation technology and flexibility allows connections of different devices from various manufacturers.

Further advantages of the PROFINET standard:
  • Address resolution for field devices
  • Cyclic/acyclic I/O data transmission (parameter, diagnoses, device identification, etc.)
  • Redundancy of the transmission route
  • Device replacement
  • Profitable – Even for Profibus User
The new interface is especially interesting for machinery manufacturing companies which want to guarantee a simple, yet well-engineered communication between their machines and the ultrasonic devices.

Companies using PROFIBUS devices in their machines before will, due to a much higher flexibility, also profit from this new interface. A readjustment to the new interface without much effort is easily possible. Already acquired PROFIBUS knowledge is still valuable as the new PROFINET uses the same framework in its design.

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