Wednesday 10 April 2019

Measurement and monitoring of cell growth.

Exner’s new generation of the EXcell sensor series not only provides the end user with higher flexibility during application, but at the same time allows safer processing.

These sensors provide safe and reliable measurements in the fields of pharmaceutics and biotechnology. Their 12mm design makes them completely ideal not only for use in laboratory fermenters, but also in the later production process. The sensors allow the absorption of liquids to be determined reliably. The employed wavelength of the 850 nm LED light source also eliminates any colour influence. The sensors have thus proved their worth inter alia for the measurement of cell growth of yeast and mammal cells, concentration measurement of microorganisms such as bacteria and algae concentrations, establishment of the optimum time for feeding or cell harvesting as well as the monitoring of fermentation processes.

The launch of product categories EXcell 231 and EXcell 241 has immediately made available the new generation of the aforementioned sensor series. Updates of software and connections not only provide the end user with higher flexibility during applications, but at the same time make processing safer.

The new plug is equipped with a standard cover flap to protect the electrical contacts in autoclaving processes. Thanks to the revamp of the connections, the sensors can be implemented in a more compact way. Software innovations provide the user with more adjustment options when using the Modbus interface as well as new features when applying the EXNER ECI-03 communications interface.

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