Wednesday 17 April 2019

Life Sciences Analytics Software acquisition.

Bio-G’s modelling, simulation and scheduling software helps dynamically optimise operations and streamline technology transfer

Emerson has acquired Bioproduction Group (Bio-G), a leader in simulation, modelling, and scheduling software for biomanufacturing. Bio-G’s scheduling and modelling systems combined with Emerson’s extensive life sciences technology and expertise portfolio will help companies bring therapies for cancer, diabetes and other illnesses to patients sooner.

Manufacturing facilities are complex systems with thousands of interconnected assets and tasks. Bio-G’s Real-Time Modelling System™, part of Emerson’s acquisition of Bio-G, automatically captures these relationships, enabling accurate and reliable predictive analysis for biomanufacturing.
Life sciences companies continually look to accelerate the production of patient therapies and the Bio-G Scheduling software helps them accurately predict future plant resource availability to optimise manufacturing production. The scheduling software delivers an instantaneous view, accessible across an organisation, into the current and future state of the plant, providing decision support to help increase facility uptime and reduce schedule-related product losses.

By connecting analytics and modelling tools with data from automation and operations systems—including Emerson’s DeltaV™ distributed control system and Syncade™ manufacturing execution system—the scheduling software provides a unified view of operations, maintenance, quality and corporate systems. Bio-G’s software will become a part of Emerson’s Plantweb™ digital ecosystem, a comprehensive IIoT portfolio that expands digital intelligence to the entire manufacturing enterprise.

“We continue to work closely with industry leaders to develop the manufacturing technologies and approaches needed for next-generation biomanufacturing. With this acquisition, we can deliver even more ways to accelerate life sciences manufacturing,” said Tom Snead, president of life sciences at Emerson.

Organisations invest hundreds of millions of dollars building manufacturing facilities to bring medicines and therapies to patients. The success of those efforts and their operations often depends on the facility’s actual production meeting the facility’s designed production. Bio-G’s Real-Time Modelling System™ provides debottlenecking, capacity engineering and technology transfer analytics to deliver a comprehensive evaluation of a facility’s design and provide confidence prior to project execution and capital expenditure.

The modelling framework accurately identifies and quantifies bottlenecks, as well as determines the effectiveness of proposed solutions across all areas of a manufacturing facility. This modelling system helps accelerate the process of bringing therapies from clinical trials to full-scale manufacturing to patients by validating a facility’s potential for manufacturing success.

“We’re excited to join Emerson,” said David Zhang, Bio-G’s CEO and co-founder, who will be joining Emerson. “We’re united by a common mission to help innovate and find new ways for biomanufacturing organisations to optimise operations through technology.”

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