Monday 15 April 2024

Tough Ethernet switches.

IT technicians are being helped by Moxa to build faster, more resilient networks in the harshest industrial environments with its ToughNet TN-5300A Series of unmanaged Ethernet switches.

Designed to extend IoT connectivity into rolling stock, factory robotics, mining and marine applications, ToughNet TN-5300A switches are hardened to withstand exposure to dust, moisture and other damaging elements. All six models in the TN-5300A Series comply with mandatory test items of the EN 50155 standard including stringent requirements for temperature, power input, surge protection, ESD and vibration, qualifying the switches for deployment on passenger and freight trains.

Available with 5 or 8 Fast Ethernet ports, ToughNet TN-5300A Series switches delivers advanced capabilities similar to other Moxa unmanaged switches yet in an IP54-rated die-cast metal housing. Key to their reliability is the use of push-pull M12 connectors that ensure exceptionally tight, strong connections and the most dependable resistance against external disturbances like shock and vibration. They also support an extended operating temperature range of -40 to 70°C, plus feature an isolated power input range of 24 to 110 VDC, with overload, reverse polarity, and inrush current protection to achieve stable performance in noisy industrial environments.

To reduce infrastructure costs, the ToughNet TN-5308A Series features several models with up to 8 IEEE 802.3af/at PoE ports to power cameras, sensors, Access Points, VoIP phones and other network PDs (Power Devices). Classified as Power Source Equipment (PSE), the TN-5308A PoE model, for instance, supplies up to 30 watts of power per port for a total PoE budget of 50.2 Watts. PoE is critically important on modern trains requiring a high-speed, reliable communication backbone in support of on-board video surveillance, NVRs, Passenger Information Systems, and Wi-Fi access, as well as the demands of multiple trackside and train-to-ground applications.

These Ethernet switches are economic solutions to a variety of industrial applications. Along with EN 50155, the switches meet NEMA TS2 requirements for traffic control systems and are E-Mark compliant with the regulations, laws and directives for vehicles in the European Union.

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