Monday 15 April 2024

Board re-elected.

The members of the nonprofit CiA (CAN in Automation) international users’ and manufacturers’ association have re-elected the Board of Directors: 
Magnus Hell from Infineon as Technical Director (left),
Christian Schlegel from CHS Consulting as Business Director (center), and
Holger Zeltwanger as Managing Director (right).

In addition the regular CiA General Assembly appointed Bosch, Emotas, ESD, Kvaser, Microcontrol, and Murata as Technical Committee members. The elected Business Committee members are Emotas, ESD, Microcontol, Murata, and Vector.

CiA, established in 1992, has 755 members worldwide. The nonprofit association develops the CAN (Controller Area Network) ecosystem originally intended as in-vehicle network (IVN). Nowadays, the serial network is applied in different industry domains.

There are three data link layer versions internationally standardized: CAN CC (classic), CAN FD (flexible data-rate), and CAN XL (extended data-field length).

Recently, the ISO 11898-2 standard (CAN physical media attachment) has been released. It specifies all CAN transceivers: CAN HS (high speed), CAN FD, CAN SIC (signal improvement capability), and CAN SIC XL optionally with low-power mode and selective wake-up capability. The ISO 11898-1 standard (data link layer and physical coding sublayer) has passed successfully the final ballot and will be released, soon.

“With a data field of 1 byte to 2048 byte and a bit rate of up to 20 Mbit/s, CAN XL addresses new applications as IVN in road vehicles and as embedded (backbone) network in other industry domains,” explained Holger Zeltwanger. “CiA members develop the CAN XL ecosystem, which includes CANsec, a cybersecurity solution implementable in hardware.”

• See also "Bus technical manager" (11/3/2024)

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