Thursday 1 December 2022

Smart, safe hydrogen refuelling.

Helping to decarbonise transportation industry while expanding global hydrogen refuelling infrastructure.

KOHYGEN (Korea Hydrogen Green Energy Network)* has chosen Emerson’s advanced automation solutions to help ensure the safety and reliability of its pioneering hydrogen infrastructure initiative, which recently marked the completion of the world’s largest hydrogen refuelling station for commercial vehicles. The project is an important step towards the two organizations’ goals of reducing emissions, driving investment in hydrogen and accelerating the transition to a net-zero global economy.


“We’re committed to building smart, safe hydrogen refuelling infrastructure by leveraging IT-based integrated operations, using large capacity, high-efficiency charging systems and, most importantly, strengthening design safety standards,” said KyungSil Lee, KOHYGEN’s chief executive officer. “Emerson is helping us secure abundant clean energy for Korea and the world.”

The JeonjuPyeonghwa Hydrogen Refuelling Station (Pictured) is the first of 35 high-capacity gas and liquid hydrogen refuelling stations KOHYGEN plans to construct across Korea by 2025. The first station has a charging capacity of 300 kilogrammes per hour, which can fuel up to 15 buses and trucks per hour, or over 100 per day – 12 times more than an average capacity hydrogen station.

To further lay the foundation for a stable hydrogen supply chain, the two companies are collaborating on technical standards for future high-capacity commercial refuelling stations and similar projects. KOHYGEN plans to expand its hydrogen supply platform to service hydrogen-powered aircraft, ships and other diverse forms of transportation.

“In line with Emerson’s ‘Greening By’ sustainability strategy, we’ve worked on a range of hydrogen projects globally, applying our expertise and innovative technologies to scale hydrogen consumption and make renewable energy a reality,” said Mike Train, Emerson’s chief sustainability officer. “Partnering with KOHYGEN is another critical step forward in diversifying our global energy mix.”

In addition to deep domain experience across the hydrogen value chain, Emerson is providing core technologies, including temperature transmitters, flow meters, pressure transmitters, programmable logic controllers (PLC) and valves, to deliver the high level of performance necessary for developing a commercially viable hydrogen charging model that can expand Korea’s domestic hydrogen market and serve as a template in other countries.

* KOHYGEN is a special purpose company held jointly by nine energy industry leaders: Korea District Heating Corporation, Hyundai Motors, GS Caltex, S-Oil, Hyundai Oilbank, SK Energy, SK Gas, E1 and Air Liquide Korea.

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