Friday, 9 December 2022

Sensitive camera range enhanced.

There are 6 new additions to the Teledyne FLIR Blackfly S GigE line of cameras:

• 8MP to 20MP Sony Pregius S global shutter CMOS Sensors
• Frame rates up to 30 fps with Lossless Compression
• High QE and low noise yield for low Absolute Sensitivity Threshold (AST)
• Superior Quantum Efficiency (QE)
• Excellent low-light performance
• Smaller BSI pixels enable less expensive, more compact optics
• High sensitivity reduces lighting system requirements
BFS-PGE-80S5M/C-C featuring 8MP Sony IMX546: Color and Mono.
BFS-PGE-120S6M/C-C featuring 12.3MP Sony IMX545: Color and Mono.
BFS-PGE-200S7M/C-C featuring 20MP Sony IMX541: Color and Mono.

These models add to the wide range of GigE Vision compliant cameras with an impressive lineup of sensors, resolutions, and powerful on-camera features.

Leveraging Sony’s Pregius S series sensors, they deliver exceptional low-light performance, with superior quantum efficiency and very low absolute sensitivity making them suitable for a range of challenging applications like microscopy, non-contact metrology, inspection, SLAM, 2D measurements and more.

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