Thursday 31 March 2022

Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.

With the foundation of the new subsidiary Sensirion Connected Solutions, Sensirion has expanded its technology and product portfolio to cover the whole value chain from sensor technology to data analytics and complete solutions. Sensirion Connected Solutions combines sensor technology know-how with advanced data analytics, connectivity and cloud technology to offer easy-to-use and scalable products for emission monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Fugitive methane emissions from various industries including the energy sector contribute significantly to overall global greenhouse gas emissions. Sensirion Connected Solutions has developed a continuous methane leak detection system, “Nubo Sphere”, enabling companies in the energy sector to monitor their assets remotely and to fulfill new regulations and ESG requirements. The end-to-end solution Nubo Sphere provides high-performance emission monitoring, localization and quantification at low total cost of ownership. The compact and robust design ensures reliable operation and high-fidelity data insights from any natural gas infrastructure at all times.

“At Sensirion Connected Solutions we focus on developing scalable and easy-to-use end-to-end solutions that help our customers to improve the reliability and efficiency of their operations,” says Felix Hoehne, General Manager at Sensirion Connected Solutions.

With the acquisition of the machine diagnostics start-up AiSight, Sensirion Connected Solutions complements its product portfolio offering a complete solution for the growing field of condition monitoring and predictive maintenance for industrial equipment. Machine breakdowns and unplanned downtime significantly increase production cost and maintenance complexity. AiSight’s solution combines high-performance vibration sensors with artificial intelligence-based data analytics to automize machine diagnostics generating actionable insights from anomaly detection to failure prediction and root cause analysis. This provides manufacturing companies with an easy-to-use and scalable tool to reduce unplanned downtime and optimize their maintenance processes.

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