Tuesday 15 March 2022

Pyrometers for mono, ratio, and application measurement of metals.

AMETEK Land offers one of the widest ranges of single-spot pyrometer types for mono, ratio, and application measurement of metals. 

Application Note
Mono (or monochromatic) pyrometers operate on a single wavelength, which relies on a clear view of the product and knowing the emissivity of the surface to obtain an accurate temperature measurement. Ratio pyrometers operate at two separate wavelengths, correcting for dust, dirty windows, and obstacles in the optical path. This is also true for unknown or slightly changing emissivity, providing both wavelength channels are affected proportionally by temperature or process changes.

Emissivity can vary with temperature, measurement, wavelength, or surface conditions. Dirt and dust in the process atmosphere will obscure the view of a pyrometer, reducing the amount of radiation collected. Specific process and environmental conditions must be considered when selecting the correct spectral range, which is why AMETEK Land’s range provides accurate pyrometers according to the optimum wavelength for the measuring instrument.

With proven, reliable electronics, the SPOT Series has a precision optical system that delivers accurate, repeatable temperature measurements. It also features an integrated visible camera, light fibre optic instruments, and an integrated webserver.

The SPOT Ratio (R-Series) offers different operating modes, selectable from the set-up menu, including “Mono,” “Duo,” “Ratio,” and “Multi.” The R100 F.O. and R160 F.O. are also available as light fibre instruments for use in narrow spaces, locations of high temperatures, or with strong electromagnetic field applications.

There are several application pyrometer models available, such as the GS and the AL. The GS is a smart advanced pyrometer combining SPOT technology with specialised software algorithms, specifically designed for continuous, highly accurate measurement of coated steel strip temperature during galvanising and galvannealing and silicon/electrical steel.

The SPOT AL is a highly accurate and smart application pyrometer using cutting-edge SPOT technology and unique, advanced data-processing algorithms to measure aluminium temperature in the aluminium processing industry, including profile extrusion processes, quenching, heating, forming/forging applications, and for liquid aluminium or aluminium tapping.

Manfred Hayk, Global Infrared (IR) Product Manager, of AMETEK Land, said: “Our range of highly accurate and stable and smart digital pyrometers uses cutting-edge SPOT technology to provide the accuracy required for mono, ratio, and application measurements to give you dependable results.”

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