Friday 7 January 2022

Thermal-mass standard.

EN 17526 is the new European standard dedicated to thermal-mass gas metering. It can now be used to certify new thermal-mass gas meters deployed in the field. EN 17526 is the first standard for a static technology to cover not only residential but also commercial and industrial gas meters. It is also a harmonized standard, which ensures continuity with existing regulations – this means that thermal-mass gas meters certified according to proceeding standards do not have to be re-certified.

EN 17526 is the first gas meter norm to be updated to include renewable gases such as hydrogen and biomethane. This confirms that thermal-mass technology is suitable to work with green gases. Moreover, thermal-mass technology is the best solution on the market for measuring hydrogen in terms of accuracy, safety, cost and the variety of parameters that can be extracted from the gas composition. Not only that, it improves gas network management and, importantly, increases satisfaction levels for end users. Crucially, the meter can remain the same compact size, no matter whether it is measuring 100% natural gas or 100% hydrogen – even if the flow of hydrogen is three times higher to account for its lower calorific value. This is a unique feature that sets thermal-mass technology apart from other solutions.

The release of EN 17526, a standard dedicated to thermal-mass technology, underlines the maturity of the technology and is an acknowledgment that over 6 million meters have been successfully installed in the field over the last 15 years. The standard will also serve as the inspiration for the creation of national gas metering norms across the world, a process that is currently underway in multiple countries.

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