Monday 3 January 2022

Automation in 2021.

These were the 10 pages most visited on the Read-out Instrumentation Signpost during 2021. An average of 3500 visits were made to our website each month visiting an average of 6400 pages. We first started sharing here in 2009 and post up to 1000 items per year.

We also link to stories and technical article from other periodicals and views/visits to these are not included in this list. This may be found on our monthly archive of each story included as part of our website news (see box on right).

There was some interest in COVID in Ireland and we maintained a page on this which attracted a lot of visitors as well. This records the on/off situations with restriction imposition and relaxing which seems to be a feature of this plague. Last year saw the start in many countries of the vaccine programmes with varying degrees of adoption even in so-called first world countries. The fact that so many remain unvaccinated seems to favour the development of mutations to the virus so hopefully in the 2022 the innoculation of all territories will be greatly increased if not completed by year end. 

About 4000 visitors came to our Home Page each month during the year.

    New entry-level 3D camera.

    New functions for wireless network.

    AI board instituted.

    Relay & switch drawings now available to download!

    Rugged single board computer.

    Simple interface between printed circuit boards and high-current connectors

    Partners discuss how sharing benefits digitalization.

    Safe IIoT product certifications.

    Information security management.

    Keyance static eliminators!

Hopefully 2022 will be full of peace and joy!

• Last Year: 12 months of automation stories.(Jan to Dec2020).

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