Wednesday 12 January 2022

Pressure transmitters with USB connection.

The new line of ADZ Nagano pressure transmitters featuring USB powered plug-and-play interfaces covers user-selectable pressure measurement ranges between vacuum and 5000 bar is now available in Britain from Variohm Eurosensor. Their broad specification, with parameters adjusted according to customer needs, is aimed at general industrial and process technology applications. Generic drivers allow measurement data to be recorded and processed on computers using simple commands or as part of front-end development software.

Based on ADZ Nagano’s comprehensive SML series industrial pressure sensors, the USB is available with fully sealed, IP65 protection class housings in stainless steel or titanium. A wide choice of process connections are available and material in contact with media includes stainless steel, titanium, silicon, NBR, or PA66 according to application needs. A single connection cable with a USB-A connector is supplied.

General specifications include a medium temperature range of -40 °C … +125 °C and a compensated area temperature between -20 °C … +85 °C, with a typical total error at room temperature of ±0.50 % F.S. Typical measurement time response in the 10 to 90 % range is 2 msec. These robust and durable pressure sensors feature DIN EN 60068 shock resistance of 1000 g, vibration resistance of 20g and a shock load capability of 50g. Full specifications for the USB range can be discussed with the Variohm EuroSensor application engineering team.

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