Wednesday 19 January 2022

Foundry temperature measurement.

Atik Metal the foundry industry leader, has approved AMETEK Land’s Cyclops L portable pyrometer for use in its furnaces, with the aim of replacing its traditional dip thermocouple instruments.

Prasath Venkatasamy,
AMETEK Land’s Regional Manager of Business Development and Service for the Middle East and India, commented: “As a leading foundry company, Atik was looking to make sure its processes and systems were first-class, which led to implementing the testing of Cyclops. We’re pleased to see that the results are unquestionable – using Cyclops leads to improved quality and a reduction in defects. Most importantly, it increases safety for furnace workers.”

Atik was using dip thermocouples to take measurements at the furnaces, casting lines and pouring lines, collecting temperature data at each part of the casting. However, the company wanted to assess the Cyclops for its suitability to improve quality, reduce casting defects and costs, and minimise the use of the short-lived dip thermocouples.

The Cyclops L is a portable handheld optical pyrometer that delivers instant temperature measurements using a trigger control. It can be aimed at the area of focus on liquid metal by looking through an eyepiece.

In order to carry out the required tests, Atik used the Cyclops L to measure temperatures in the melting furnaces and moulding plants, evaluating the pyrometer’s ergonomics, accuracy of data transfer, and ease of use.

To calibrate and compare, Atik measured temperature with both a dip thermocouple and the Cyclops. The measurement time for a dip thermocouple was 13-14 seconds. The Cyclops, meanwhile, only took 1-2 seconds.

The Cyclops measurement testing was also carried out without the need to open the furnace lid, and directly measured from pouring metal. With a range of up to 5 metres away, this provided a much safer environment for the workers.

An additional benefit of using the Cyclops L is that, unlike thermocouples, it does not use disposable tips that need replacing, thereby allowing for successive measurements.

Following the assessment, Atik Metals has approved the use of Cyclops L in its furnaces.

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