Tuesday, 3 August 2021

Precise individual pulse measurement.

Pulsed lasers can be analyzed with pulse precision even at high repetition rates using Gentec-EO’s QE12HR and QE25HR product series pyroelectric energy detectors,. The different models are based on the requirements of standard laser specifications and applications:
  • The MB version supports repetition rates of up to 1 kHz and is equipped with a robust broadband absorber.
  • Models with a QED attenuator are also suitable for high energy and power densities. For high repetition rates of up to 10 kHz, models with a metallic absorber are available.
Until recently, it has not been possible to measure the energy of individual pulses in fast pulsed lasers. This energy was only calculated from the average power. Now, even the smallest deviations such as weaker or missing pulses can be detected. This offers advantages in development and during operation, for example when it comes to assessing the reliability of pulsed lasers. In industrial lasers, corrective measures can be initiated during operation before an error affects the performance of the entire system.

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