Friday, 20 August 2021

Process monitoring for medical apps.

Increased interest from the MedTech sector since the introduction in late 2020 of the new medical compliant versions of Kistler’s ComoNeo cavity pressure monitoring and maXYmos manufacturing process monitoring systems make Stand G26 at Interplas 2021 the ideal opportunity to show the new products to the British plastics industry.

Kistler MaXYmos Med version
ComoNeo 4.1 has several new features needed to comply with the medical market requirements including LDAP Windows authentication and extra logging to store all device changes. The ComoNeoPREDICT, a DoE model based system uses AI and supervised machine learning algorithms based on neural networks to predict the characteristics of injection-moulded parts.

As more injection moulders are providing assembly services to their MedTech customers, the validation of the manufacturing process becomes essential. The Kistler MaXYmos ML, the first process monitoring system to meet the strict FDA and the new European Medical Device Regulations (MDR) for quality assurance in the MedTech sector, simplifies the validation process by delivering 100% confirmation that each step in the manufacturing process has been carried out within the product specification.

The unique combination of Kistler’s ComoNeo 4.1 and MaXYmos ML ensure conformity with both FDA and European MDR whilst delivering higher productivity, zero rejects and accurate costings.

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