Monday, 23 August 2021

Focus on hydrocarbon monitoring.

This year, the main focus of the Signal Group booth at AQE 2021, will be hydrocarbon monitoring because the 3010 MINIFID is currently undergoing MCERTS testing and a new portable Methane/Non-Methane FID analyser will be unveiled with a video explaining the clever design features that have been built into the new unit – the SOLAR Xplore.

“Many customers are not aware that we also manufacture a comprehensive range of accessories such as gas dividers for linearity and calibration checks, heated sample lines, sample pumps and filters, NOx converters, cooler dryers, zero air generators etc., so delegates can come to us for advice on almost any issue relating to gas monitoring," says Signal Group’s Stephane Canadas.

The virtual booth will also provide an opportunity to see a demonstration of Signal Group’s innovative Series 4 analysers with detachable wireless tablets.

Pre-registered AQE delegates will be able to access the AQE Conference sessions free of charge, but Stephane is urging delegates to pre-book virtual meetings with Signal Group (either through the event website or directly at their own website) to ensure that appropriate expertise can be provided.

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