Monday, 23 August 2021

Filter options for machine builders.

Schaffner has extended its popular FN3270 series to provide more options for machine builders. Building on the strengths of the very successful FN3270 filter range the new FN3271 filter is an extremely compact and lightweight filter design requiring minimum mounting space in installations and cabinets.

15 different filter models are available to meet the specific needs and deployment for most industrial applications. These include industrial viable speed electrical power drive systems, motor drives and systems containing frequency inverters and servo drives.

With its enhanced performance the FN3271 offers an ideal solution for EMC challenges, where the impedance at the connection to the noise source is high (> 100 Ohm). The internal configuration of the FN3271 is optimised for this application. For applications with low impedances at the noise source the existing FN3270 remains the option of choice.

These new EMC filters provide the attenuation performance required to fulfil EN 61800-3/A11 and the filter performance is guaranteed under full load operating conditions. Solid, touch-safe terminal blocks are fitted to all filter models from 10 to 100 A, offering sufficient contacting cross section according to the EN 60204-1 installation standard.

To improve the safely of installations optional transparent protective covers are available for all filters with busbars from 150 to 1000 A. These provide protection to the installer, operator, or inspector by avoiding accidental contact with live conductors. The protective covers can easily be retrofitted even if the filter is already installed and connected.

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