Monday 24 February 2020

DIN rail PSU.

PULS Power has added a 40A output model to its remote-controlled DIN-Rail power supply family. The remote-control feature is particularly useful in smart buildings and industrial systems where centralised control of multiple system components is required and allows system administrators and building automation controllers to switch power supplies on or off by use of an external signal switch or transistor gate.

The new 24VDC, 40A output QS40.241 DIN-rail power supply joins the already very successful CP20.241-V1 24VDC, 20A model and both belong to the PULS DIMENSION series, which provide efficient solutions for designers and systems integrators requiring powerful and space-saving DIN rail power supplies.

The new QS40.241 DIN-rail power supply offers extremely high efficiency in a very compact footprint by using the latest synchronous rectification technology, a bridgeless PFC circuit and a number of other proprietary design details. Large power reserves of 150% and built-in large sized output capacitors support the starting of heavy loads such as DC motors or capacitive loads. In many cases this allows the use of a unit from a lower wattage class saving space reducing costs.

High immunity to transients and power surges as well as low electromagnetic emissions facilitates installation in a very wide range of environments. The integrated input fuse as well as the near zero input inrush current make installation and usage simple. Power supply status is indicated by a DC-OK relay, a green DC-OK LED and a red overload LED. A large package of international safety approvals makes the QS40.241 suitable for a very wide range of applications

Key features of the QS40.241 DIN-rail power supply include remote control of output voltage, 100-240VAC wide-range Input voltage, width of just 125mm and weight of 1.9kg, 94.6% full load and excellent partial load efficiencies, 50% BonusPower® (1440W for up to 4s), 110A high peak current for 10ms for easy fuse tripping, safe HiccupPLUS overload mode, active PFC (Power Factor Correction), negligible low input inrush current surge, full power between -25°C and +60°C, current sharing feature for parallel use, internal data logging for troubleshooting included, DC-OK relay contact, shut-down input, ATEX and IECEx approved and a 3 year warranty. Accessories available include a wall mount bracket, buffer unit and a redundancy module

“Building automation and the growth of Industry 4.0 requires the use of smart components and sub-systems,” comments Marco van der Linden, UK Country manager for PULS. “The remote-control feature designed into our DIN-Rail power supplies makes centralised control of multiple system components from a remote location or autonomous AI system very simple to implement and provides a very efficient shut-down facility in the event of system failure or emergency.”

Typical applications for PULS DIN-Rail power supplies include, smart buildings and building automation, industrial and process control, panel-building, test and measurement, instrumentation and communications systems. Versions are available approved for railway systems and ruggedised for harsh environments.

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