Monday 10 February 2020

Emissions monitoring conference & show.

The operators of industrial processes looking for the latest help and advice on regulations, standards, methods and technologies, may register now to attend CEM 2020, the international emissions monitoring conference and exhibition. Taking place in Krakow (PL)from 13-15th May, CEM 2020 will also attract regulators, testing organisations, researchers, equipment suppliers and standards organisations from around the world.

With speakers drawn from fourteen countries, the CEM 2020 presentations will address key themes such as Regulations, Standards and Quality Assurance in the measurement of particulates and gases at low concentrations. These will include greenhouse gases, mercury, dioxins and trace gases, as well as fence-line monitoring and the measurement of fugitive and diffuse emissions. Speakers will also describe the latest technological developments in the emissions monitoring market.

Several of the presentations will address the latest BAT (Best Available Techniques) requirements. For example, the EU Industrial Emissions Directive requires permit conditions to be based on Associated Emission Levels (BAT-AELs) defined in the applicable BAT Reference Notes (BREFs). Speakers will explain the implications of the BAT Conclusions for Large Combustion Plants which were published in August 2017 with compliance for existing plant required within four years. The LCP BREF defines more stringent monitoring requirements and addresses a wider range of pollutants, and the Waste Incineration (WI) BAT Conclusions were published in November 2019 with compliance for existing plant also required within four years.

Industrial case studies are always popular with CEM delegates and visitors can expect to learn from the experience of speakers in sectors such as power, cement, metals, chemicals, glass, minerals and mining, waste management, incineration and many more.

An international exhibition will run alongside the CEM 2020 conference, providing visitors with an opportunity to meet almost all of the world’s leading manufacturers of emissions monitoring technology.

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