Wednesday, 12 February 2020

EMC from Data Portal.

Schaffner has announced its presence on the EPLAN portal with immediate effect. EPLAN is a powerful information source for global design engineering. The data portal offers customers shared by Schaffner and EPLAN benefits from the integration of device data and CAD which can be used digitally and efficiently in design engineering.

EPLAN is a powerful planning tool that is used as a worldwide standard design platform. The widespread access to EPLAN supports Schaffner’s global sales of EMC filters providing customers with an even better service.

The EPLAN Data Portal provides web-based device and article data internationally. At the present time more than 110 component manufactures with more than half a million articles and product data are represented. Due to the deep integration of the portal into the EPLAN CAD platform, the information is directly available in engineering formats. More than 92,000 users around the world already access the electronic product catalogues of circuit diagram designs featured.

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