Monday 2 December 2019

Inventors recognised!

Siemens has honoured 23 particularly resourceful researchers as Inventors of the Year 2019. Together, these scientists are responsible for some 1,450 inventions and 1,500 individual patents. Most of the inventors are from Germany, the U.S., Russia, China, Britain, Spain, Italy and Romania.

Their inventions cover the whole spectrum of Siemens. They range from 3D animation for early detection of breast cancer to a new solution for electrifying old rail lines without the need for modifications to bridges and tunnels and continue all the way to a postcard-sized module for industrial controllers that uses artificial intelligence and is thus capable of revolutionizing automation in factories.

“Research, technology and innovation have held Siemens together for more than 170 years and will continue to be a key link between the three Siemens companies and strengthen the core of the brand,” said Roland Busch, Deputy CEO of Siemens AG. “Our inventors are doing concrete work to address the biggest challenges of our time. They’re laying the groundwork for progress and creating sustainable value for our customers and society, which is Siemens’ purpose.”

Every year since 1995, Siemens has been presenting the Inventor of the Year Award to outstanding researchers and developers within its organization whose inventions have made major contributions to the company’s strong performance. Since 2016, the award has also been presented to researchers from outside the company.

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