Monday 9 December 2019

Turbidity sensor.

Exner's turbidity sensor EXspect 271 can now be used up to a process pressure of 16 bar.

The EXspect 271 is an NIR backscatter sensor for measuring turbidity. The sensor is distinguished not only by its cost-effectiveness, but also by its compact and durable design. It is suitable for determining medium to high turbidity values in a large number of applications, especially in the field of the food and beverage industry. The cleaning and sterilisation by means of CIP and SIP procedures are of course possible. A further advantage of the sensor is the spherical design of its measurement optics. This minimises the adhesion of air bubbles and the formation of deposits.

The compact sensor EXspect 271 has been available since February this year and has already proven itself in a wide variety of applications in dairies and breweries. Thi is a further improvement. Thanks to design and productional optimisations it is now possible to use the sensor up to a process pressure of 16 bar.

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