Monday 9 December 2019

Call for papers - IIoT & Smart Manufacturing.

The IIoT & Smart Manufacturing Conference, (14-17th April 2020 - Galveston TX USA) encompasses advances in connectivity, automation, and security within the operational context of hybrid manufacturing applications across multiple vertical industries and focuses on real-world applications that examine the challenges of adoption, integration, and implementation of new technology.

“Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has emerged as a major technology with a big impact on industrial automation systems—and on the automation professionals involved with the design and maintenance of such systems. One of the biggest challenges in the adoption IIoT technologies is Cybersecurity, " says Dublin based Carlos Mandolesi, Programme Chair

ISA recently created the IIoT and Smart Manufacturing Committee to establish a forum for the automation community to discuss the adoption and challenges of applying these technologies in industries globally. With its multitude of members, volunteers, and subject matter experts, ISA contributes a vast amount of expertise in IIoT and industrial cybersecurity. This new conference will be an important vehicle for content sharing on such critical topics.”

The committee is still accepting abstracts which should be 200 words or less and describe what the noncommercial presentation will cover. Slide presentation materials must be provided in electronic format (MS PowerPoint) prior to the conference for review and approval.

A publication release form will also be required.

If your abstract is accepted and you agree to submit a presentation, you are also agreeing to register and present at the 2020 ISA IIoT and Smart Manufacturing Conference.

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