Thursday 13 June 2019

Intelligent fault indication.

The basic module CC24plus LC by UNITRO Fleischmann is a reasonably priced, intelligent fault indicating system in a wall-mounted housing that provides effective monitoring of supply and operating equipment.

It fulfils the UNITRO levels 2 and 3 of the functional characteristics for fault indicating systems: Simple group message without signal storage, or acknowledgeable flashing fault message, each with new horn value and group message. (See the level selection table here!)

Other features include:
  • Recording of 24 messages, control 24V internal (DC) or external (AC / DC).
  • Red 5 mm LED display with insertion label.
  • Power supply: Wide area network device: 110–230V AC/DC
  • A built-in USB interface for parameterization:
  • Notifications: quiescent-operating current, response delay, relevant, not relevant, display with one or two flashing frequencies.
  • Assignment of the message inputs to the two output relays with C/O can be chosen as needed,
  • Factory setting: All inputs on collective signal relay and in parallel on acknowledgeable horn signalling relay. Built-in miniature horn.
  • Membrane keys for horn and flashing acknowledgement, as well as LED test.
  • Easy to assemble screw-type terminals 1.5 mm² connection.
  • Wall mountable compact housing 233x200x100 Protection class IP54.
The CC24plus System is a web-enabled high performance ICT system and meets the highest requirements in terms of function and communication.

As an intelligent "Two in One" system, it offers multiple benefits thanks to its multifunctional and multi-communicative properties:

As an intelligent HMI station, the module enables fast on-site event assignment thanks to its bright 5-colour LED display.

As a web-enabled decentralized substation, the system is ideally suited for remote alarming and remote monitoring. In addition to the properties of the CC24plus LC, the CC24plus offers freely selectable 5-colour LED display and 4 freely assignable C/O output relays.

The following optional features are also available.

  • Battery-buffered UPS up to max.10hrs power failure.
  • Ethernet port (FTP) with Web server for remote monitoring and remote parameterization. A built-in USB interface for direct parameterization.
  • An integrated modem for the remote alarming of services via a text to speech telephone voice announcement, 24 + 4 alarm lines with 4 telephone numbers each are available, with remote acknowledgement.
  • A 2-wire LON bus output enables the control of a parallel panel and the integration into a building control system.
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