Thursday 6 June 2019

ATEX telemetry for strain gauge.

Fires and explosions endanger lives, cause severe injury and cause significant environmental damage.

Explosive atmospheres created by combustible gases, vapours, mists and dust, must be protected from ignition sources.

Reduce the dangers in hazardous areas by using the new Applied Measurements X24 wireless ATEX & IECEx approved instrumentation to collect measurements from your load cell, pressure sensor or any other strain gauge-based transducer.

X24 Wireless ATEX Approved Transmission in Hazardous Zones 1 & 2

13 Reasons Why You Should Use This ATEX Approved Telemetry:
1. Exceptional Reliable Wireless Signal in Hazardous Environments

2. Accepts Inputs up to 3.2mV/V from a Load Cell or Strain Gauge Bridge Sensor

3. Intrinsically Safe with the Latest CSA Certification

4. Ideal for Petrochemical, Industrial Processing and Oil & Gas Industries

5. Superior Accuracy Thanks to its 9 Point Linearisation

6. Up to 1/2 a Mile Wireless Range!

7. Long Battery Life up to 5 Years

8. OEM Options to Fit Inside Sensors

9. Fast Setup – Software Calibration in Less Than 3 Minutes!

10. FREE Logging Software

11. Expandable Wireless System into Safe Zones With T24 Telemetry Instrumentation

12. Fast Transmission Rates of 200 per Second

13. Multiple Channel Setup for Site-Wide Monitoring
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