Thursday 6 June 2019

Empty cable reels.

Cliff Electronics is now offering its rugged cable reel empty to allow customers to create their own bespoke cable assemblies.

John Hall, General Manager of Cliff Electronics, comments; “We are a major designer and manufacturer of test lead sets supplied with many well-known brands of test meters, as well as major suppliers to popular brands of after-market test lead sets. We are frequently asked for one-off or low volume special cable reels which are not economic to manufacture. Allowing end users to buy the cable reel empty and assemble themselves is an elegant solution to these enquiries.”

Their very popular standard test leads are predominately used by electrical test and safety PAT testers, electrical contractors and test and repair houses and are popular as replacements for damaged OEM version. Offering their customers the empty cable reel allows them to load it with any cable and connector of their choice without having to meet large minimum order quantities or incur NRE charges for factory assembled custom versions. Custom cable options include fibre-optic, audio, coax and more.

With overall dimensions of 240 x 130 x 176 mm the ABS material cable reel has a simple “snap and screw” assembly and a recess is provided on both sides of the handle for product marking or branding.

Test Leads are predominately used by electrical test and safety PAT testers, electrical contractors and test and repair houses. In recognition of this Cliff takes great care in ensuring their standard test lead products are fully rated for all aspects of IEC61010, particularly with regard to voltage and current ratings, creepage distances and cable specification and insulation ratings. All Cliff products are marked with CAT ratings where required.

All Cliff standard test leads use high quality silicone cable with 2 layers of insulation designed so that the white under-layer becomes visible if the outer becomes damaged. This provides a visual alert to the user of a potential safety hazard.

As well as the price advantage of buying direct from the manufacturer, Cliff offers customers the opportunity to increase their sales by offering a full test lead range which meets the needs of many brands of test equipment for contractors, PV installers and PAT users.

As the original manufacturer Cliff can also offer Customers customised branding and labeling if required, and undertake the manufacture any other type of test lead sets to meet local or unique requirements.

Wholesalers, distributors and customers are all assured that Cliff test lead sets are manufactured using the same double insulated silicone cable, components, tolerances and standards which are supplied to OEM customers.

All Cliff test lead sets and components are manufactured in our own ISO9001:2008 certified factories, exceed all relevant safety specifications such as EN601010, and are RoHS compliant.

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