Wednesday, 31 October 2018


One smart instrument communication protocol has outlasted and outsold all of the alternative digital instruments and protocols introduced to market over the last thirty years – HART® and the devices that use it. With over 40 million installed HART devices worldwide, HART is not only here to stay but unlike other protocols, it also continues to get updated revisions that enhance data exchange capacity, speed, number of devices on a network, support over Ethernet, and wireless capability.

Moore Industries has created a new white paper titled “Bridging the Gap Between HART Devices and IIoT, the Industrial Internet of Things” to address customers’ questions and provide succinct information on HART devices and IIoT.

This white paper outlines how the flow of process and diagnostics data from smart HART digital field instruments, which can now be shared with mid and higher-level control systems, can be leveraged easily using IIoT by asset management and data information systems without having to upgrade expensive process control interface equipment.

Streamlining costs and overhead has left many manufacturing facilities with just enough personnel to keep the plant running. Facilities no longer have the extra time, personnel and resources required to analyze data. Plant operators can take advantage of digital HART data in devices already installed in their facility but were either unaware of, or couldn’t afford the equipment upgrades to gain access to it. Standalone HART gateways provide the most economical pathway to extracting HART data from field devices, making the data readily available to higher-level systems. HART data is an important part of a larger predictive analytics strategy that not only forewarns plant operators of impending problems to come, but is used to optimize the process itself. This type of cloud automation allows operators to gather as much data as possible to reduce operating expenditures and future capital expenditures for future plant builds using a standalone HART gateway.

This paper provides information about employing extracted HART data, cybersecurity considerations, and HART interface options among other topics including features and considerations of devices that facilitate the sharing of process data with control and information systems.

This white paper may be downloaded from the company's White Paper & Articles Page.

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