Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Industrial Ethernet connecting.

Harting has enhanced its simple, process-safe field installation preLink industrial Ethernet cabling termination system. Alongside its range of 10/100 Mbit/s M-12 D-Code, 10 Gbit/s X-Code and RJ45 connectors and extenders, the product family now includes a preLink PCB jack version which enables flexible cable-to-board connectivity within a device or machine. All the preLink connector parts are produced in rugged metal housings, enabling robust end-to-end mating.

RJ45 preLink male plugs also incorporate stronger latches for extra field-installed reliability, minimising the chances of system downtime which often occurs when fragile, consumer-grade RJ45 cabling systems are used in industrial installation environments.

The functional principle of the preLink system is based on two parts: the connector carrier and the plastic terminal module. The module has eight entry holes for finger insertion of insulated solid or stranded cable conductors, and is pressed together in a single operation with a simple 360̊ hand press tool, providing dependable IDC termination. It is then simply clicked into the connector carrier to produce a highly reliable, repeatable field termination cabling system, saving costs by minimising assembly time without the need for costly skilled installers. The terminal module with the cable attached can be removed or replaced at any time from the connector carrier, allowing easy system alteration on-site for only the loss of the comparatively low-cost plastic part.

Data cables with pre-terminated modules will fit through even the tightest gaps and can be clicked into the carriers in seconds during installation, resulting in significant time savings. In addition, worn cables on moving equipment can be changed quickly and independently of the connector, further reducing operating costs.

The terminal modules come in three different types: 8-pin yellow devices for cable with conductors of AWG 23/22 stranded/solid, 8-pin white for AWG 27/26 stranded/solid covering with Cat 5e to Cat 6A performance compliance, and 4-pin Black AWG 27/26 stranded/solid for AIDA/Profinet performance networks.

The new complimentary Harting preLink PCB jack ensures a more stable and flexible Ethernet data transfer from the main internal control board to the panel I/O link. It also satisfies the preLink functional design principles outlined above. In addition, it allows direct cabling links to external sensors or other devices through IP65/67 panel-mounted cable glands, thus resulting in further cost savings by removing the need for additional mating plug-ins.

The pre-terminated preLink terminal module is clicked into the tensile load-absorbing PCB jack carrier, with a cable tie providing extra strain relief. The preLink assembled terminal modules can also be “unclicked” from the jack carrier, allowing fast, reliable repair or removal of the device for improved serviceability and reduced system downtime.

Typical applications include devices such as door telephone systems, ticket machines, surveillance camera systems, building automation controls and industrial machinery-based solutions in areas such as packaging, multi-weighing and handling systems, and print processing.

In conclusion, Harting’s preLink connection system provides the ideal process-safe field-installation industrial Ethernet cabling solution for production-line refurbishment, extension, maintenance or repair - from a centralised device or machine right out to the field sensor level.

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