Thursday, 25 October 2018

CAN Seminars to end of year.

CiA has five CAN-related seminars to the end of the year. Those interested in getting a better understanding of CAN-related topics, can participate. These seminars are about Classical CAN, and CAN FD, CANopen (CiA 301), and the specific use of CANopen in car add-on modules (CiA 447).

In CAN in Automation’s (CiA) CAN/CAN FD seminars attendees learn how CAN works, which possibilities it offers, and in which markets CAN is used. The seminars introduce CAN as it is specified in the updated ISO 11898 standard series. This comprises the Classical CAN, the CAN FD protocol, as well as the updated CAN physical layer specification. Hence, impacts on CAN-based higher layer protocols are discussed. Two of these seminars are scheduled in the last quarter of 2018.
 One on 20 November 2018 in Antwerp (Belgium) in English language, 
The second one on 04 December 2018 in Nuremberg (Germany) in German.

In CiA's CANopen seminars attendees learn the basic principles of CANopen in order to select the right CANopen devices for their applications, to integrate their devices in a proper control application, or to design the intended CANopen network behavior. In addition, attendees get an overview on CANopen application fields as well as a base for assessing the effort of introducing CANopen in their projects. 
The first seminar takes place on 21 November 2018 also in Antwerp and 
the other one on 05 December in Nuremberg.

Attendees of a CANopen car add-on modules seminar get a basic understanding of CANopen system design in the application field of car add-on devices (e.g. interfacing the in-vehicle network, adding bluelights, printers, radio, etc.).  In addition to this insight to CiA 447, the seminar covers a brief introduction to the basic CANopen services as well. It will take place in Nuremberg on 15 November.

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