Wednesday 1 August 2018

Predictive maintenance service.

Alpha Drives Ltd is offering a new service in Ireland with their gearbox partner Flender.

The new DX500 smart sensor, part of the Diagnostex product series, is a plug & play solution for measurement of vibrations and temperatures on the gear unit and notifies the system operator of irregularities by app immediately via smartphone or tablet. It enables the planning of predictive service work before unscheduled interruptions or stoppages of the production process can occur and so increases system availability. The DX500 system is thus a further step towards the digitalisation of drive solutions.

A temperature and vibration sensor measures and monitors parameters on the gear unit itself and indicates changes by means of LED signals and alarm signal in the DX Assist app or the customer LAN. All alarms are recorded and the system operator can initiate the order of required replacement parts and detailed gear unit analyses by Flender experts directly with a click. The Assist app thereby provides a tool for integrated gear unit management. The operator is provided with a digital and mobile service log-book for the respective gear unit, helping to ensure optimum spare-part management and reduced maintenance and failure costs. The sensor is precisely programmed by technicians to suit the gear-unit configuration at the time of ordering, so enabling the customer to profit from our know-how in gear unit manufacturing and many years of condition monitoring experience.

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