Friday 17 August 2018

Detecting cyber threats.

SolutionsPT has become a premier partner in Britain and Ireland for leading industrial cyber security specialist Claroty’s OT Cyber Security platform.

SolutionPT's Ian Bailey
The move creates a dynamic partnership between SolutionsPT and Claroty. Claroty, which is leading innovation in the cyber security space, recently announced new investment totalling €53 million (US$60 million) from a global syndicate of investors including industrial operators, control system vendors and venture capital leaders.

SolutionsPT launched its distribution of Claroty’s Continuous Threat Detection software last May (2018). Built on its CoreX technology, Claroty’s offering provides deep visibility into industrial networks, exposing configuration issues and vulnerable assets so that protective steps can be taken against cyber-attacks.

This continuous threat detection offering also monitors industrial control system traffic, allowing for early warning of both malicious and accidental threats, preventing attacks before they affect OT networks.

Announcing the partnership, SolutionsPT’s Growth Project Manager, Ian Bailey, said: “Claroty’s OT Cyber Security Platform delivers unmatched cyber threat detection for industrial networks. We believe that establishing a secure network is the first, crucial step when building secure industrial architectures, and we are thrilled to now introduce Claroty’s offering to our significant industrial installer base.

“SolutionsPT has been bringing IT innovation to the OT world for more than three decades. Our expertise and track record as a trusted provider of industrial IT solutions is an excellent fit with Claroty’s mission to secure the safety and reliability of the industrial control networks protecting the world from cyber-attack.”

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