Friday 24 August 2018

120A AC power latching relays.

Omron Electronic Components Europe has expanded its range of high performance AC latching power relays with new connectivity options meeting a wider range of applications including EV charge stations, PV inverters and lighting control as well as smart metering. The Omron G9TA and G9TB relays provide an exceptional solution for switching currents up to 60A and 120A respectively.

Steve Drumm, Business Development Manager Energy at Omron said, “Our high power latching AC relays are widely used in smart metering applications where compact size and power saving is required. With these new connectivity options, customers can apply their favourable characteristics in a host of new applications, which demand secure load connections so that the current flow path is optimized and self-heating is minimized.”

Omron G9TA AC Power Latching Relays are designed to provide high power switching, low contact resistance, and vibration resistance for applications up to 60A maximum switching current. These G9TA relays feature 2mΩ contact resistance, 6kV impulse withstand voltage, 250VAC switching voltage, and 12VDC coil voltage. The G9TA AC power latching relays have an operating temperature range of -40°C to 85°C. The high magnetic latching force is responsible for providing vibration resistance. The G9TA is just 37.5mm x 33mmx 18mm.

For higher switching currents up to 120A, Omron G9TB AC Power Latching Relays are recommended. This relay is designed with high overcurrent capability and conforms to IEC62055-31 UC3 standards. These G9TB latching relays feature a compact size of just 37.5mm × 43.5mm × 22.5mm yet offer high power switching with a low temperature rise. The G9TB power latching relays have a silver-alloy contact material, 0.4mΩ contact resistance, 276VAC maximum switching voltage, and -40°C to 85°C operating temperature range.

The Omron G9TA is available with M5 securing screw and welding (solder lug) terminals. G9TB with its larger power capacity is now available with M8 securing screw and welding (solder lug) terminals.

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