Thursday, November 19, 2015

Browse over 2500 sensors.

Sterling Sensors have recently launched a new Ecommerce website. A significant shift for the company who specialise in the manufacture of made to order temperature sensors.

The new site provides instant access to over 2500 products and more than 100 ranges, all available to buy online, with many held in-stock for next day delivery. Visitors can expect to find a variety of thermocouple and RTD sensors used across a multitude of industries including food and beverage, oil, gas and industrial manufacturing to name a few. The site also features a more specialist range of sensors designed for molten metal applications.

Joe Murray, CEO explained the rationale behind the new website “The way consumers source manufactured parts is changing. Buyers are becoming more independent, seeking superior product information and self-service purchasing models online. We believe the new site will provide a comprehensive range of products combined with quality technical information and shorter lead times for consumers. It will also showcase our ability to produce specialist made to order temperature sensors for any application.” 

Informative content is prominent throughout the site with extensive resources used to assist visitors throughout the buying process including:
• Technical guides for different types of sensor allowing better informed purchasing
• Data sheets detailing product specifications
• Case studies showcasing unique manufacturing capabilities
• Editable standard drawings to facilitate the selection of sensor specifications
• Custom options for non-standard parts

Project leader John Hogan described the new site as “an improved representation of Sterling Sensors’ scope of manufacture with user-friendly functionality, simple navigation and responsive design for an enhanced user experience, on both mobile and desktop devices.” 

Sterling Sensors are confident this isn’t a move away from bespoke manufacturing and believe providing stock items will complement their existing business. The intention is to offer an improved service, shorter lead times and convenient purchasing for the end user market.

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