Thursday, 14 February 2013

Gas mixers, dilution and calibration systems

Air Monitors Ltd has been appointed distributor in Britain for Environics, the US-based manufacturer of gas mixers, gas dilution and calibration systems.

“This is great news for our customers,” says Jim Mills, Managing Director of Air Monitors. “The Environics products are renowned around the world for quality, accuracy and reliability, which is vitally important because good quality calibration is key to the delivery of good quality data from gas detection and monitoring systems.”

Environics gas mixing and dilution technology is based on very precise control of thermal mass flow controllers, which normally offer an accuracy of +/- 1% of full-scale flow. However, when combined with Environics technology, this is improved to +/- 1% of setpoint, which can produce a 10-fold improvement in accuracy and as a result, these systems exceed the US EPA requirements for ambient calibrators.

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