Thursday, 28 February 2013

Process automation system upgrade!

Latest release offers increased integration and easy upgrade for process, machinery and drives automation

Honeywell has upgraded Experion® PMD, boosting the range and functionality of its comprehensive automation solution for controlling processes, machinery and drives through a single system.

The new release of Experion’s integrated Process, Machinery and Drive control, (PMD) widens the scope of the solution further, integrating Experion Alarm Management, Experion Integrated Historian,  OneWireless and Digital Video Manager solutions for the first time. Release 800 also adds a new Field Controller Express (FCE) controller with over 60 percent more controller point capacity, integrated Profibus and TotalPlant Alcont UPLINE/IOLINE highway interface, native peer-to-peer connectivity with Experion MX and the Experion PKS controller family through parameter connection and a single point of data entry. 

“With Experion PMD the result is better quality, more efficient production, and reduced maintenance and project lead times,” said Brad Garnett, business director, Pulp, Paper & Continuous Web Solutions at Honeywell Process Solutions. “The updates in Release 800 make it a truly all-encompassing automation solution for pulp and paper manufacturers, as well as others in the chemicals, metals, pharmaceuticals and food and beverage industries.”

PMD controllers can be used on all control levels for implementing advanced controls, fast machine controls and process controls. A single, consistent set of engineering tools across these levels means lower capital costs and enables cost effective execution of production line and plant- wide control. Benefits include reduced database maintenance, easier training, increased access to diagnostic information, single alarm and event logging, and faster control responses.

The new release is fully scalable and also continues to support migration from Honeywell’s TotalPlant Alcont (TPA) systems. Customers migrating to Experion PMD are able to reuse many existing TotalPlant Alcont assets to minimize costs, and commissioning and start-up times. Existing TotalPlant Alcont application solutions are converted to Experion using existing cabinets, I/O and wiring so the costs of implementation can be minimized while significantly extending the life of assets.

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