Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Vision inspection system

Olmec will be showing the Quality Station (QS) turnkey, self-contained in-line vision inspection system for the first time at Total 2013 next June. Typical applications for the QS include checking for product assembly completeness, colour or defect analysis, as well as label inspection. With a footprint of just 1.2 m x 0.7 m and an integral transport and reject mechanism, the QS can also be used on a manufacturing line in conjunction with other quality inspection tools such as checkweighers.

The QS is characterised by its versatility, with a range of cameras, lighting and reject mechanisms available. Vision experts from Olmec discuss the application in detail with the end-user before selecting the most appropriate components and setting up all the inspection tools needed. A rigorous and fully documented off-line testing and acceptance programme is conducted prior to installation, ensuring risk is mitigated for the user.

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