Thursday, October 7, 2010

New accelerometer

Endevco® Low Mass Piezoresistive Accelerometers for cost-effective general purpose shock testing

Meggitt Sensing Systems has announced the global market introduction of the Endevco® model 7287, a small footprint, very low mass piezoresistive accelerometer weighing less than one gram, designed for the cost-effective measurement of long duration transient shocks, such as those found in product and packaging drop testing, shipping container shock testing, jack hammer testing and high-g destructive testing applications.

With a measurement range of 2,000 g, 200 mV full scale output and a high resonance frequency of more than 20,000 Hz, the Endevco® model 7287 utilizes a MEMS sensing element incorporating integral mechanical stops and features a small, lightweight, easy-to-mount package for minimal mass loading of the test structure. This monolithic sensor design offers ruggedness, stability and reliability with broad frequency response from DC to 4,000 Hz at ±5%, with non-linearity of <1% and ruggedness to 10,000 g shock. The Endevco® model 7287 has also minimum damping, thereby producing no phase shift over the useful frequency range.

The design of the Endevco® model 7287 has drawn upon decades of proven experience in manufacturing these types of sensors for the automotive crash test market, with successful technology that has now been carried over into the general test and measurement realm. As a result, the high-reliability of the model 7287 ensures that critical data are recorded upon demand at very low cost. Units are available with adhesive mounting or integral bracket for screw mounting and are supplied with a strong PVC jacketed cable in standard lengths. Recommended accessories for the Endevco® model 7287 include the model 136 three-channel DC signal conditioner, model 4430A bridge transducer signal conditioner or 4990A (Oasis) multi-channel signal conditioner.

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