Friday 27 January 2023

Measuring smallest laser power fluctuations.

The IS50A-1KW-RSI-INT-DO from Gentec-EO, from Laser Components, offers a measuring device that detects even the smallest fluctuations in laser power in less than 200 ms. This makes it possible to track the entire ramp-up process of a laser.

The incoming laser beam is attenuated by an integrating sphere so that the Si photodetector, with its advantages in speed and signal quality, can be used in a dynamic range between 0.2 mW and 1 kW. In a wavelength spectrum from 340 nm to 1100 nm, this also supports sources in continuous wave (cw) mode, as well as pulsed sources with a repetition rate of at least 10 kHz. It is designed for a maximum average power density of up to 5 kW/cm2.

Thus this versatility makes the system of particularl interest for laboratories and service technicians who come into contact with a wide variety of lasers and want to cover them with one device.

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