Monday 30 January 2023

Acquisition provides laser powerboost.

Tunable diode lasers merge with high power fiber amplifiers

TOPTICA Photonics AG has entered into a definitive purchase agreement to acquire the majority of the shares of French fibre laser technology company Azurlight Systems SAS.

Azurlight Systems is a French manufacturer of CW fibre lasers and amplifiers based in Pessac near Bordeaux. Tailored for high performance, their infrared (IR) lasers and visible (VIS) lasers all feature high power, ultra-low noise, single frequency, single mode, excellent power and pointing stability. At all wavelengths (488 nm, 515 nm, 532 nm, 976 nm, 1015 nm, 1030 nm, 1064 nm and other custom wavelengths), the compact architecture of the products ensures robustness and reliability. The cw fibre lasers are suited for quantum technologies, high power argon gas laser replacement, laser Doppler velocimetry, high brightness laser pumping, laser holography, metrology and interferometry.

Azurlight will continue and further foster its fibre laser business under the new name TOPTICA Photonics SAS and form the French hub of the TOPTICA brand. The parties have agreed to maintain confidentiality regarding the purchase price. The transaction is subject to the foreign direct investment (FDI) approval by French authorities.

LtoR:Dr. Wilhelm Kaenders, Founder & Member of the executive board of TOPTICA Photonics, Dr. Nicholas Traynor, Founder and President of Azurlight Systems who will become President of TOPTICA Photonics and Dr. Juergen Stuhler VP Quantum Technologies at TOPTICA Photonics to become General Manager of TOPTICA Photonics SAS.

The unique combination of world-class tunable diode lasers, highest quality frequency conversion technology and lowest-noise high power amplifiers will serve customers in the fast-growing markets of quantum technologies, biophotonics, and industrial metrology and help to establish an even stronger European position in these upcoming markets.

The combination of diode and fibre lasers with frequency conversion provides solutions ranging from low to high power and from ultraviolet to infrared wavelengths. They are invaluable tools used in a variety of industries including quantum technologies, medical research, industrial instrumentation, and in fundamental scientific research. Especially quantum technology applications and products will benefit from complete solutions in industrial footprint.

This acquisition will allow further strategic development of the combined entities. Customers will benefit from access to an experienced global team of experts covering laser technology application know-how and full technical support. The extended network is an important step towards TOPTICA's goal of providing world-leading professional-grade lasers with cutting-edge technology to scientific and industry customers.

Nicholas Traynor  from Azurlight Systems stated: “We are proud to join the TOPTICA group and excited about the opportunities this offers for the next stage in our development. Putting together the proven technologies of narrow band and tunable diode lasers with our lowest noise fibre amplifiers will be mutually beneficial for the product families of both companies. Together with the existing global sales and service network of TOPTICA, we will be able to serve customers' needs in quantum technology markets and beyond. We enthusiastically look forward to the years to come."

“We are very pleased to welcome Azurlight Systems under the TOPTICA brand, adding best-in-class fibre lasers and amplifiers to our product portfolio. We envisage further strengthening of fibre laser development in France and strong common product development including our subsidiaries in the US and Germany. This will grow our offering for industry and scientific research, especially in the growing markets of quantum computing and biophotonics and industrial metrology,” concluded TOPTICA Photonics' Wilhelm Kaenders.

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