Thursday 19 January 2023

IoT and advanced analytics software resellers and partnerships announced.

Seeq Corporation has announced its 2022 Reseller and Service Partners of the Year. These partners have been selected for their excellence in providing value to customers, their continued investments in technical expertise with Seeq-certified employees and training professionals, and for creating awareness for Seeq through collaboration in marketing activities and events.

The 2022 Reseller and Service Partners of the Year were announced at the 2023 Seeq Global Partner Symposium, held in Las Vegas (NV USA) in January 2023. Themed Elevate, Seeq shared Partner Network program updates to enhance partner operations and enablement, led interactive sessions on the company’s unified go-to-market strategy to further accelerate its global growth, and provided networking opportunities with partners and Seeq executive leadership. Attendees heard directly from Seeq leaders, including CEO Dr. Lisa Graham and Chief Revenue Officer George Skaryak.

Seeq advanced analytics SaaS software enables customers to rapidly find, share, and operationalize insights from process data stored on premise or in the cloud. Seeq customers include companies in the oil and gas, pharmaceutical, chemical, energy, mining, food and beverage, and other process industries. Investors in Seeq include Insight Ventures, Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures, Altira Group, Chevron Technology Ventures, and Cisco Investments.

“In 2022, our global, diverse partner ecosystem empowered our shared customers to solve various advanced analytics use cases across process industries to support their top initiatives for sustainability, digital transformation, and workforce empowerment,” says Nikki Bishop, Chief Customer Officer, including global partnerships, at Seeq. “We are pleased to select six companies that set the standards for excellence in delivering the next generation of process manufacturing improvements as our 2022 Reseller and Service Partners of the Year.”

Resellers of the Year


Swan-Black is the Seeq 2022 Americas Partner of the Year. Swan-Black demonstrates consistent partner excellence with its Seeq-centric customer-success model, significant account expansions and wins, and the addition of Seeq-certified instructors to support Seeq Foundations Training in North America. Swan-Black has expertise across food and beverage, bionutrition, and industrial process-data infrastructure, with a focus on applying advanced analytics to improve business outcomes. 

Asia Pacific

Nukon is the Seeq 2022 Asia Pacific Partner of the Year. As a third-year recipient of the award, Nukon doubled its Seeq business for a second consecutive year in 2022. With more than a dozen Seeq customers across food and beverage, mining, metals, and materials, utilities, and specialty manufacturing, Nukon delivers exceptional analytics support and insight across a broad spectrum of use cases.


Tridiagonal Solutions is the Seeq 2022 Asia Partner of the Year. Tridiagonal has played a pivotal role in supporting Seeq customers through their digital transformation journeys in Asia and throughout the world. With deep expertise in data science, advanced process control, and process manufacturing, Tridiagonal delivers a full suite of solutions and services that drive return on investment for their customers across the process industries.


IT Vizion is the Seeq 2022 EMEA Partner of the Year. IT Vizion was selected for its leadership and domain expertise in the oil and gas industry, which the company has leveraged to scale their Seeq customer base throughout 2022. Additionally, the company’s expertise and support for a variety of technologies for the oil and gas and chemicals industries led to several successful migrations of end users to Seeq.  

Latin America

Vertix Technologies is the Seeq 2022 Latin America Partner of the Year. Vertix was selected for its commitment to growing Seeq’s presence in the LATAM region, including delivering high-quality training and implementation services to customers. The company provides a variety of digital solutions and services to support digital transformation journeys across the oil and gas, mining, pharmaceutical, and pulp and paper industries.

Service Partner of the Year

BKO Services LLC is the Seeq 2022 Service Partner of the Year recipient. Supporting Seeq customers such as Marathon Oil, Suncor, TexGen and Shell, BKO’s Seeq-certified partner analytics engineers provide a customer-centric approach, including hands-on analytics engineering support, that yields consistent and valuable customer outcomes. The company provides data engineering and machine learning services for the oil and gas, power, and other process manufacturing industries.

Partner Advisory Council
The event also launched the Seeq Partner Advisory Council (PAC). The PAC will bring together a distinguished and diverse group of global partners to advise on best practices to help Seeq continue to deliver the highest possible value to its partners and customers. 
Members of the Seeq Partner Advisory Council include:

·       Werusys – Köln, Germany

·       Vertix Technologies – Lima, Peru

·       Swan-Black – Brookfield, Wis USA

·       BKO Services – Houston, Texas

·       IT Vizion – Corona, California

·       Tridiagonal Solutions – Pune, India          and San Antonio, Texa,USA

·       Nukon – Melbourne, Australia

The strategic insights gathered from the PAC will directly influence Seeq’s product direction, partner programs, and customer adoption. The Seeq PAC currently consists of seven partners nominated on their tenure and proven commitment to working with Seeq and shared customers. The PAC membership will rotate on an annual basis.

“Seeq’s commitment to providing industry-leading advanced analytics solutions that deliver meaningful insights and accelerate value to customers perfectly aligns with Swan-Black's mission,” says Joseph Gardner, Principal at Swan-Black. “We’re thrilled to join the Seeq Partner Advisory Council in its inaugural year and offer our perspective to help further promote Seeq’s initiatives and drive greater value for our shared customers.”

“The Seeq Partner Advisory Council was created to provide a more direct platform to understand and ensure evolving market, partner, and customer needs are met,” says Dede Davis, Senior Director of Global Partner Development at Seeq. “The continuous dialogue and feedback from the Council will be critical for Seeq to continue building upon our world-class partner program and current technology platform to continue supporting our shared customers’ top initiatives.”

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