Wednesday 12 October 2022

Weekly robot podcast returns.

Weekly panel of experts from industry, media and academia look at the cutting edge of robotics, analyzing how advances in automation are benefitting society and business, and what the future holds.

With seasons one and two ranking in the top five per cent of all podcasts globally in terms of listenership, The Robot Podcast from ABB returns for Season Three. Continuing to explore the world of robotics and automation in-depth, the series focuses on their benefits to society, industry and the environment.

The new season kicked off with Episode One on October 5th and looks at how robotics and automation is making production and processes more sustainable. From food production and takeaway packaging, to construction and retail – robots are already making a big difference and have the potential to do even more in the transformative decade to come. Each of the five episodes will focus on a particular theme, with a panel of experts and commentators discussing the role of robotics in making production and processes safer, more efficient and more sustainable. 

Fran Scott, a regular contributor to the BBC and Channel 4 in Britain, returns as host. “I’m delighted we are back for Season Three and even more so as we are tackling the urgent subject of sustainability. I know that robotics and automation play such an important role within this field and I’m looking forward to catching up with the experts leading the way, and them sharing with me (and you) the evermore intriguing ways in which they are making a difference.”

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If you missed Season One and Two, you can catch up on all previous episodes at the same link. 

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